Effective Health Plan Design, Contribution & Incentive Strategy

There are rapid changes evolving in plan design, and C.M. Smith can help sort out the range of options now touted by health plans.

Faced with double-digit increases in health care costs year after year, employers are constantly looking for ways to mitigate those increases for themselves and create healthier behaviors for their employees. Health plan design, contribution strategy, and use of incentives/disincentives are effective ways to achieve those goals.

Further, National Health Care Reform has created a variety of regulations that both restrict and encourage creative use of benefit plan design, contributions, and incentives. C.M. Smith can examine your employee benefits plan and help you craft a strategy to balance employer cost obligation with affordable employee contributions, while keeping in mind your Post-Heath Care Reform situation.

We have extensive experience with:

  • Value-based Insurance Designs (VBID) - VBIDs remove plan design (co-payment) barriers for high-value treatments allowing people to more easily access appropriate treatment. Learn more >>
  • Pharmacy and Formulary Management
  • Incentive Based Wellness Programs
  • Defined Contribution and Other Contribution Funding Strategies
  • Health Care Reform Consulting

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