C.M. Smith’s Season of Giving

Since moving to Hartford from Glastonbury three years ago, C.M. Smith employees have worked hard to give back to our new community. The past few months have been no exception. So, what did we do?

Pups and Police – Septemberdressdown-labor-day16

 Everyone loves flip flops and Hawaiian shirts, right? Our employees enjoyed an end-of-summer dress down day to raise funds for the Connecticut Humane Society and the Hartford Police Department.

“With so much negativity going on in our country, we wanted to show our support for two very important, local organizations,” said Brigid Gunn, C.M. Smith HR director and Wellness champion. “Our animal lovers jumped at the opportunity to help shelter pets, while other employees were eager to make our Hartford police officers smile.”

 Tgrouphinking Pink – October

In what’s become an annual tradition, employees wore jeans and all shades of pink on Fridays in October. This year’s campaign raised more than $400 for
Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“Breast cancer is a disease that’s near and dear to many of us,” said C.M. Smith president John O’Connell. “So we’re happy to let employees dress comfortably for this good cause.”

Helping the Homeless – November/December

 What’s our current focus? Collecting gifts for homeless individuals and families residing at Hartford’s South Park Inn.

Last year, employees delivered a sizable collection of gift cards, toiletries and other necessities to the shelter, and experienced how those less fortunate often live.

“Hopefully we’ll collect as many gifts as last year, or even more,” said Gunn. “We’re so lucky to have great jobs in a vibrant city, so it’s up to us to step forward and give back.”

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