C.M. Smith Expert Discusses Future of Data Analytics

CMSmith Career DayRemember when you were a student and wondered if you’d ever need math in the real world? Turns out, the future is bright for young professionals entering the job market with a math degree.

That’s the point Michael Martin, C.M. Smith’s Director of Data Analytics, drove home during the recent Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) Math Department Alumni Career Day. He and five other alumni panelists spoke to a packed room about where their education has taken them.

“Students ask, ‘What am I going to do with a math degree besides teach or be an actuary?’ and that’s a tough question to answer,” Martin said. “I want them to know just how many opportunities are available in data analytics. It’s really booming.”

The panel – which included a teacher, an actuary, and a PhD candidate – shared insight on how and when they chose their fields. They also discussed the highs and lows of a typical workday.

“Identifying opportunities to improve the health of our clients often calls for clever and creative solutions,” Martin said. “That’s the best part of my job. There can be a fair amount of pressure, but it’s still extremely rewarding.”

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